Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Suzy vs Taeyeon, whose live do you want to life more?

If you had to debut and could choose one of these lives, which one would you choose?

You will debut at 16, get pushed as the visual of the group, get a chance to shoot a film and become the it-girl. After that, you'll get a lot of love calls from CF and earn a lot of money from it. You'll also star in some dramas and have good-looking actors as your partners. The only disadvantage is that you actually have passion on singing, but your group doesn't get recognition from public as much as you do.

You will debut at 19 and attract people to join your fandom with your singing skills, cuteness, and visual. You will get a lot of hate after a dating scandal comes out, but you will release an album after that and it will hit big. People will automatically think of you when it comes to the best singer among female idols. You will have a big fandom which gives you a great amount of love. The group you're in is popular as The National Girl Group. You will get to do activities as solo, or sub-unit, and it always hit big. 


1. [+105][-55] Taeyeon's life somehow looks happier to me than Suzy's.. Eventhough Suzy earns a lot of money, she never get to do the thing that she has always wanted to do.. Not a lot of people acknowledges her skills in music, I think I will regret it if I was her.. Look at Taeyeon, she's doing the thing that she loves right now, and people acknowledge her for it.. 

2. [+99][-32] Taeyeon. She works really hard to become who she is right now, and I think that's really cool..

3. [+93][-13] Suzy is the top as a celebrity, while Taeyeon is the top as a singer..

4. [+46][-5] First of all, I would choose Suzy for her looks..

5. [+44][-0] What do you mean with the last sentence for Suzy's explanation? Suzy will release her solo, and soon people will acknowledge her singing skills too..

6. [+44][-11] I've seen the same question in another forum, and 90% of the answers chose Suzy.. Eventhough there were a lot of SM stans in that forum..

7. [+41][-5] Suzy.. So you're saying that her group is taking advantages from herself? Her group is disbanding soon anyway, I don't see any problems..

8. [+40][-10] I choose Taeyeon.. Honestly, for Suzy, her face is her talent, and she's earning money with her face, that means she has a limit to that.. While for Taeyeon, singing is her talent, and there's no limit when it comes to talent..

9. [+34][-7] Suzy.. Look at her visual, her acting skills, her body, her proportions, her popularity.. She has it all. She earns a lot of money, she gets recognition both for her looks and also her talent, and she's still young.. On top of that, her boyfriend is Lee Minho..

10. [+31][-3] Suzy is pretty, tall, successful, young and her boyfriend is Lee Minho..