Saturday, July 30, 2016


Almost everyone thinks the girl in this picture is Sulli

is actually NMB48's Ichikawa Miori

-Ah.. This is my first time seeing her.. She does resemble Sulli in some way..

-No, I knew she was Japanese when I first saw this picture

-She looks like L..

-Oh.. They do look alike..

-Her lips don't look like Sulli's but she resembles her!

-? She doesn't look like Sulli at all..

-I think it's because of their gazes..

-I don't think this is Sulli..

-I thought she was Sulli.. She does look like Sulli, but once you rotate the picture, she doesn't look like her at all..

-Hul.. I legit thought this was Sulli..

-Whether she does look like Sulli or not, she's really pretty..

-Huk.. It's my profile picture!

-Okay.. I'm going to stan her from now onㅠㅠㅠㅠ She's so pretty..
  -What is this.. I looked up her name on searching engine and she doesn't look like Sulli at all..


-I saved this picture because I thought it was Sulli..