Saturday, July 30, 2016

What kind of position do you want in the group if you were an idol?

1.Visual/center position
It's because you're so freaking good-looking and you also can act, so you also star in some dramas, movies, CFs, and your popularity is no joke.

2. Charming/Stan attractor position 
It's because you're so idol-ish, you have the biggest fandom in your group. You can even release a solo album and do a solo concert.



-2. If I was an idol I want to succeed by going solo..

-2. I'm a pelvis fairy.

-222. I'm so curious about the feelings of having your own concert.. What does it feel to sing in front of so many people.. I'm so curious..

-2. I want to be the stan attractor fairy.

-11. I want to be..Suzy..

-2. Being an idol is all about the fandom.

-If I was a female idol, I would choose 1. But if I was a male idol, I would choose 2. 

-11111. But if I was born as a male idol in my next life, I would choose 2.

-2222. The most important thing for idols is their charms..

-11111. I think if my own fandom is the only one who's getting bigger out of all the other member's fandoms it can ruin the relationship between me and the other members.

-1111. I shall shoot a lot of CFs and buy my mom a house~~~

-If you want 1 that bad, then you should be an actor or an actress instead of an idol.

-1. I want to try to work in various fields.