Friday, June 24, 2016

Male students in my class stared at my chest too much today..

I got something stained on my uniform so I took it of and just wore a short-sleeve t-shirt, and I have to say that my chest are somehow bigger than the other kids..? Well anyway, it looked noticeable since I only wore a t-shirt, and the guys in my class were stealing glance at it a lot. My friends also thought the same, she told me that those guys stared at my chest too much. 

The guy sitting in front of me usually never talk to me, especially now that we're going to have an exam period, we're all busy studying, but today he turned his back to see me and tried to make a converstation with me a lot than usual and I knew he was staring at my chest the whole time. So I asked him "What are you doing?" and he just answered "No.." and turned back to his seat, but then turned his back again after a few minutes.

I felt so strange and weird so I covered my chest with my P.E uniform, but then the guys stole it.. Isn't it weird? I knew they stole it because I tried to cover my chest with it.. Ah.. I should try to bundle up my whole body with something next time.. It felt like there were a lot of bugs around me..


1. [+38][-1] The old men in the subway also stare at my chest a lot.. So I stare back at their facesㅋㅋ

 2. [+23][-1] Those guys who don't think about someone's feelings and keep staring are the real trash..

3. [+11][-1] Staring at her chest and stealing her P.E uniform is a little bit too much; You must be feeling ill towards them now.. Have strength, OP!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+5][-2] F*ck.. Aren't they just a bunch of retards? It must bother you a lot

5. [+1][-0] Stare at him back then