Monday, August 24, 2020

Finally, an official story line of Snowdrop

Snowdrop is going to be produced by the production team of SKY Castle, which gained a huge attention last year. The original title of this drama was 'Ewha University Dorm'. This drama raised even more anticipation after Kim Hyeyoon, who was well-known for her character as Yeseo in SKY Castle and Extraordinary Day, was confirmed to be part of this drama. 

Snowdrop was inspired from a hand-written notes of a man who escaped from North Korea Political Prison Camp back in 1987. A female student discovered him covered in blood and treated him because she thought he was an athlete. 

The man was actually one of hundred spies who survived the hell-like training. The tragic fate started when he fell in love with the woman who had saved him, at the same time he had to complete the mission his country gave him. 

-I really wonder what's going on inside the writer's head...

-The story line is...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are they in their right mind?

-Do not fall in love with him, report him to 113. 

-Isn't this the drama that Black Pink's Jisoo is going to star in...?

-So, who's going to be the female lead role?

-No... This is not it...

-Are they joking? Romanticising an armed spy??

-The female lead is treating this armed spy in an all-girls dorm...? Bullshit...

-Who's going to be the male lead?

-I guess this is why actors and actresses have been avoiding this drama...

-Anyone who reports a spy would obviously be given a prize, though... How could you choose love over money?

-I think the story line would be so much better if the male lead wasn't a spy... I know it's just a fiction, but it's just way too... bad

-What was she thinking? How could someone mistake an armed spy as an athlete...?

-Is JTBC out of their mind...?

-They're really going to do this drama...? No way...

-So we're romanticising armed spy now...?