Friday, June 14, 2019

"Lee Seunghoon sent me secret texts" ... Han Seohee exposed the secret of YG Ent's building 7th floor

Credits if re-posting or re-translating to other languages. 

A (Han Seohee) was called to the 7th floor of YG Ent.'s building.
Yang Hyunsuk told her that he would be putting off the electricity in his office, suggested that A should turn off her phone and not record the conversation. 
The conversation lasted for 1 hour and 3 minutes long. 
A said, "I made an excuse that my mom called me and I had to pick it up. I went to the restroom and saw a YG Ent. poster, so I took a picture of it. There might come a day where I need to expose this"
So she took a picture of it, you can see the reflection of her face through the board.

August 22, 2016

A was arrested for using drugs. She was investigated and agreed to all allegations made to her, even to questions asked to her regarding B.I (Kim Hanbin)
She told K, "I just finished an investigation at the police station. I talked about (Kim) Hanbin too)
K is someone who works for YG, the one who tells her 'If anything happens, call me'
The next day (August 23rd), K went to see A. A got into his car and they went to YG Ent's building.
(NB: The picture A took above was taken on August 23rd)

June 1, 2016

Here is the core of the whole thing. Everything gets screwed at this point.
First of all, Winner's Lee Seunghoon sent A a text which was recovered by Dispatch. 

LSH: Where are you?
A: I'm at home
LSH: Did you meet Hanbin recently?
A: Kim Hanbin? Around a month ago, I guess. If that's considered as recent, anyway.

LSH: Hello, what are you doing?
A: I'm having my meal while watching the TV. Why are you sending me a secret message? (NB: It's a feature from Kakao Talk)
LSH: I'm going to talk about something very important. Get focused and reply to me instantly.
A: Okay, I'll do so
LSH: Wait, I need to pick up a phone
A: Pick it up
LSH: *sends a number* Call me here.

According to A, Lee Seunghoon sounded like he was in a rush because B.I's drug test came out positive. A said, "He told me that B.I's drug test came out positive. He said I did drugs with him. He asked to meet as soon as possible, I was told to go near YG Ent's building'
So A went to the promised location, where she met an unfamiliar face, K. 
K turned off the blackbox in the car, took her phone, and said,
"I came here instead of Lee Seunghoon. You have to keep everything about B.I as a secret. If anything happens, call me' 
That's why after finishing an investigation on August 22nd, A called K. 

Now back to August 23, 2016.

A was busy. She met K on the 22nd, and was called to meet Yang Hyunsuk right on the next day. 
Dispatch called Yang Hyunsuk and personally met A. Here is what they said.

Yang Hyunsuk:
It's true that I took her phone, in case she was going to record the conversation. Nonetheless, she was very careful with her words. I told her that we're doing drug test twice every month, and Hanbin's test never came out positive. I told her she could be charged for false accusation. She was frightened and kept on repeating her statement. 

Yang Hyunsuk took my phone and turned off the power in his office. He asked me about what I had told the police the day before. So I confessed, I told the police that B.I purchased marijuana and LSD. He said, 'I don't like having my kids investigated'. And since he already took all the drug components, B.I wouldn't have to be investigated. 
-A stated that she was afraid of the whole situation, not of Yang Hyunsuk-
I remember he said, 'A-ya! You have to be a kind person, you can't be a bad person...' Then he continued, 'Don't you want to be a singer? You're going to work in the entertainment industry. It's really easy for me to mess you up'
He told me to change my statement. He said that he's a person who's capable to see confidential files. He also promised to get me a lawyer and a reward. I was frightened. I didn't have any other choices. 

August 30, 2016

How did A's statement change?

Police handed the Kakao Talk conversation and asked if A ever sent Kim Hanbin drugs

A: YG Ent. does a drug test and Kim Hanbin's came out positive. On June 1, 2016, Lee Seunghoon texted me saying if I ever met Kim Hanbin recently because he's in a big trouble now. So I called him, he said that Kim Hanbin smoked marijuana and it looked like he was going to get caught. He asked if I was involved in this, to which I said no. 

First change of statement:
There was rumor about Kim Hanbin, Lee Seunghoon said he didn't know much about it. He asked if I knew anything about it. I'm not sure about his drug test.

Second change of statement:
He asked if I knew that Hanbin smoked marijuana, I said that I had never heard such thing and said, 'He's smoking marijuana? No way...' Lee Seunghoon was not sure about it either. 

A kept on changing her statement. The lawyer next to her was the lawyer that YG Ent. had gotten her.

The detective who investigated A explained to Dispatch,
'Everytime A tried to say something, the lawyer would stop her. He would write down things for A to say, even after the investigation ended. When the lawyer left the room for a minute, A said to me, 'I am so sorry, detective. Please understand my point of view' and cried. I had never seen lawyers like him, I even told him to go outside, which I rarely do.'

June 14, 2019

Then 3 years passed. YG, iKON, and B.I all actively promoted like nothing happened. 

On the 4th, A submitted a tip to Anti-Corruption and Civil Right Commission. Which made her have no choice, but to reveal her name. 

'This is the chance to expose them. I was so frustrated to see Burning Sun's case. It made me think that YG is still good at shutting people up. So I submitted it, I asked the police to investigate what happened 3 years ago'