Sunday, January 20, 2019

Who are the couples with the worst chemistry from the dramas released in 2018?

Song Hyekyo x Park Bogum

Lee Byunghun x Kim Taeri

Yoon Kyunsang x Kim Yoojung

-Lee Byunghun and Kim Taeri are the best couple in this post.. Yoon Kyunsang and Kim Yoojung, on the other hand, are the worst..

-If you actually watch the drama, Lee Byunghun and Kim Taeri made a quite good couple. It's just because of the age gap between them in real life..

-Lee Byunghun x Kim Taeri.. I hate Santa Lee..

-Yoon Kyunsang and Kim Yoojung.. The second couple was quite okay to see since there was not a lot of physical contact in the drama..

-Yoon Kyunsang x Kim Yoojung.. The first and the second couple are considered better, compared to the last one..

-I don't really like the first couple, but when it comes to the worst.. I'm going to choose the third couple..

-The first couple.. Park Bogum looks like her nephew..

-I can't choose between the second and the third couple..

-Unexpectedly, Lee Byunghun and Kim Taeri are the best couple out of these three..

-The couple from About Time is not in this list.. I guess it's because the drama flopped and no one really cared about it.. It's the couple with the worst chemistry ever..

-The third couple.. I watched the drama for Kim Yoojung, but I dropped it midways because I can't get immersed to the plot...ㅠㅠ