Wednesday, December 26, 2018

V is so f*cking beautiful

I personally think this is the most legendary picture of him

Look at his big eyes, not to mention that he has monolids..

He looks like Nick here

He's handsome, but today he looked so f*cking gorgeous


1. [+152][-3] Looking at Kim Taehyung's face is the most interesting thing to do.. He never fails to surprise me with his visual, I love him..

2. [+130][-4] I know V is not a human..

3. [+89][-2] I really like it when he smiles, the way he goes 'hihi' and grins..

4. [+47][-1] The only person who can defeat Taehyung today is Taehyung himself tomorrow.

5. [+46][-2] He truly suits the word 'gorgeous'.. He's just so f*cking gorgeous..