Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Let's talk about our wishes for 2019!

I'm curious about what you wish for 2019!

For me, I wish I could fill my whole diary and get to make friends with good people!ㅎ


1. [+492][-1] To meet the best friend of my life, someone who is honest and I can connect with..

2. [+447][-5] I wish to be happier

3. [+249][-3] I wish for my family's happiness

4. [+127][-0] I wish to study harder and love myself more.. F*ck..

5. [+105][-2] I wish to get prettier!

6. [+98][-0] I wish my mom to get well really soon..

7. [+93][-0] I wish to become a better individual..

8. [+84][-0] Somehow, it feels like all my wishes would come true if I write it here;; I just wish for people around me to be happy. I also wish for OP and all Pann users' wishes to come true!

9. [+72][-0] A lover

10. [+60][-0] To be in a relationship with the person I like

11. [+56][-0] To be happy with no exception..

12. [+56][-1] I wish to lose weight.. And to be friends with kind people. I had a really hard time because of my friends this year.

13. [+52][-0] Please, let me do well for my SAT..