Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ong Seongwoo went to volunteer ahead of christmas

Two days before christmas,
in the middle of his hectic schedule, he spared some time to went and do volunteer.
He wanted to share with others, and I really want to praise him for that.
I want everyone to know that he did something good. 

Among the student of year '15, there's this kid whose dad works in a book publisher industry and mom passed away earlier this year. 
There were some other kids who went there on Christmas to do volunteer work, they help these parents as if they've known each other for years. 
I guess they gathered some people for this volunteer this year, and among those people, Wanna One's Seungwoo also participated as a volunteer..ㅎㅎ

Ong Seungwoo once expressed how he feels like he becomes a better person after having Wannables by his side. 
I am so proud and grateful for him, I will always root him forever..ㅠㅠ 
I really want to praise him for everything he has done.

I hope you guys all have a great christmas!


1. [+82][-0] I am so in love with him, doing volunteer works without anyone knowing..ㅠㅠ Ong Seungwoo is so amazing<3

2. [+74][-2] I praise him for sparing some of his time to share with others despite having a hectic schedule^^  The thought of him doing volunteer works warm my heart, and I am planning to do some volunteer works on christmas next year, after postponing it for several times until this second..ㅋㅋ I am so proud and grateful for him for warming this cold weather with his heart<3

3. [+71][-2] I am so proud of him for doing such thing.. Merry christmas~<3

4. [+24][-1] I think he really is an angel..

5. [+23][-2] Having such mindset and share with others is actually so much more difficult than it looks.. Especially for someone with tight schedule like himㅠㅠ He's not only handsome, but also has a really kind heart. Very outgoing, heart-warming and down to earth^^