Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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The 4 out of 18 members in NCT that SM pushes really hard

(The only member who debuts in all of NCT's units such as Dream, U, and 127)




-Yeah, because Mark is talented..

-SM has no other choices besides pushing Mark and Taeyong..

-They have 18 members in their group..? I know no one else besides Taeyong and Mark..

-It's because 4 of them are so freaking talented..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Out of these four, Mark and Taeyong are the ones who SM pushes the most.. On top of that, Taeyong is the center until the point that I almost mistaken NCT as 'Taeyong and the other guys'..

-I completely understand why they want to push Mark, he's talented.. It would've been great if they pick out fixed members for NCT Dream..

-I can truly see their effort on pushing Taeyong.. But for Doyoung, is there anything he does beside being the MC for a music show..? I don't think SM is pushing him..

-Doyoung is so freaking great at singing..

-I know these guys, but not for the rest of the members in their group..

-These guys are the only four members I know in NCT..

-Mark has a tight schedule, I don't think he even has time to rest..

-Whoa.. There are 18 members in NCT? That's a lot..