Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The accident in Anseong city which involves drunk-driving underages with no driving licenses.. The reactions of their friends

'F*ck, what's up with the title and the comments?? I'm sure they all know that's not the important thing right now. I'm going crazy for real..'
'XX-ya, have a good rest there.. I miss you so much that it's driving me crazy right now. I really hope you're happy there now, don't be sick.. You have to be happy. I love you my friend, I'll go to see your face..'
'There are so much malicious comments.. My blood pressure is going up, this sucks.'
'The stupidest people in this world are those who thoughtlessly leave hate comments on the Internet as anonymous..'
'Yeah, of course they don't have any driving licenses because they're still underage. I know that's something wrong to do, but please don't cross the lines with your words. They're already having a hard time, you guys are making it worse for them.'
'Crazy, you crazy bitch. Didn't I tell you to wake up? Didn't you ask me to drink alcohol together? Wake up quickly'
'Hey, what are you doing.. We should be drinking and playing together right now.. You were the one who ask me (to drink and play together), weren't you.. Please.. We already made plans..ㅠㅠ Please tell me this is just a lie..ㅠㅠ What is this out of all the sudden.. Please come back quickly, XX-ya..'

안성 '미성년자+무면허+음주' 교통사고.. 사망자 친구들의 반응 | 인스티즈

4 people, the passengers and also including the driver, died in this accident. While the other one is injured.

-What were they doing.. The car looks as if someone threw it from afar..

-The driver and the passengers in the black car that was going straight must be really terrified.. What the heck is that..ㅋㅋ

-Whoa.. It's such a relief that there were no other victims..

-Okay, so you're angry because your friends, who are not just underage but also drunk-driving with no licenses, are getting malicious comments from netizens..? Things could've gone wrong, other people could've gotten hurt from what they're doing..

-It's a relief that there were no other victims. If there were, malicious comments from netizens on the Internet wouldn't be enough to pay it all off..

-Not only underage, but they're also drunk-driving and on top of that.. with no licenses. That's so severe..

-That black car could've gotten in a big problem if they didn't stop there..

-They must consider theirselves are lucky since there were no other victims.. 

-That's so pathetic..

-An accident just happened because of alcohol and yet they still have the courage to ask their friends to drink..??

-Whoa.. What on the world did they do to make that car ran so fast..

-They're so immature.. What would they do if people got hurt from what they did..