Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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The male idol who proved that his group doesn't do lip sync, on Gayo Daejeon after 5 years

is BTS' Suga

He suddenly put down his mic to pose in the middle of his rap, proving everyone that his group performs live.
It's the same thing as proving everyone that they eat CDs..
With that one gesture, he clarified all of the controversies that have been around for awhile (ex. 'Are they performing it live?' etc).

-So cool..

-Game over.. I hope people would stop doubting their skills anymore..

-Yoongi-ya, I love you..

-Min Yoongi is a genius..ㅠㅠ

-My idol is so cool!!!

-Min Yoongi is a genius, jjang jjang man, bboong bboong!!!

-I'm more surprised at the fact that there were people doubting their skills..

-As expected from Yoongi..ㅠㅠ

-Yoongi, you're the best.. You looked so cool yesterday!!

-What do you mean after 5 years???
  -This is Suga's first time performing in Gayo Daejeon in 5 years! He has been sick..ㅠㅠSo it's his first time attending Gayo Daejeon!

-I'm very proud of you<3<3

-He looked so cool when he stopped his rap and put down his mic for awhileㅠㅠ

-People don't call them God-Bangtan for nothing..

-Our Yoongi.. Congratulations on your first time appearing on Gayo Daejeon<3

-I didn't know there were controversies about their performances before..

-He looked so cool when he stared at the camera as he put down the mic..

-They're really good that's why people often mistook them as lipsyincing ㅠㅠ Anyway, BTS is the best!

-The award of the coolest man this year goes to Min Yoongi..