Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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At first everyone thought it was weird, but now everyone thinks she looks pretty with bangs

Black Pink's Jisoo, she's such a babyㅋ


-Pretty girls always look pretty no matter what..

-So pretty.. She reminds me of Apink's Bomi!

-I can slightly see Han Seungyeon in her face..

-She really does slightly look like Han Seungyeon..

-Let's be real here, with that face she will still look pretty even if she shaves her head..

-I thought her bangs were just wigs, I didn't know it was really her hair..

-I personally think she looks so much prettier with bangs..

-She looks like Han Seungyeon now that she has bangs, I've never thought that way when she didn't have it..

-Jisoo with her hair tied up, so freaking pretty..

-Yewon + Han Seungyeon..

-Jisoo looks pretty with anything but I personally think she looks prettier without them..

-I personally think she looks prettier without them but I have to admit that with bangs, she looks so pretty like a princess!

-It's Jisoo anyway.. She will still look pretty even if she shaves all of her hair..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Jisoo looks so much more beautiful in person..ㅋㅋ I was very surprised when I met her in person.. Leaving the fact that she has bangs or not, she's beautiful..

-Jisoo is using the same mic that IU uses!

-I've always liked her bangs since the very first time..

-Huk.. So beautiful..