Sunday, December 3, 2017

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Leeteuk sounds like he has some dissatisfaction after attending MAMA

Leeteuk: 'Why did (I) come here?'
Eunhyuk: 'Hyung, that Hongkong grandmother ghost will come out soon, go to sleep:)'

No one knows what made him post that
But we all know that MAMA didn't give Super Junior any awards, not even an ending stage.

-Why do you think it's because of MAMA?

-I would be mad too if I were him..

-What happened..?

-If he really did post that because of MAMA, then I wonder if there were any parts of MAMA that made him upset..?

-But still, let's not jump into the conclusion this fast!

-Yeah, let's not jump into the conclusion right away.. But even if he really got upset because of MAMA, I can totally understand it.. I mean, he even flew to Hongkong just for one performance..

-First of all, how did you know that picture was taken during MAMA. And also how did you know he has some dissatisfaction after attending MAMA? Just because he uploaded that picture? You guys are jumping into the conclusion way too fast..

-He could be upset because of other things, and not because of MAMA..

-But frankly speaking, I wonder why did MAMA invite him in the first place.. And I also wonder why SM sent him to Hongkong for MAMA.. SM, I wanna hear your explanation, okay?

-I know that we shouldn't be judging too fast but.. What's wrong with having dissatisfaction towards MAMA? He has every rights and freedom to express it..


-The ending stage..? What about it..?

-But MAMA was indeed very mean.. I mean, he only got to perform once and.. That's all..

-You guys are surely very busy minding other people's life..