Sunday, November 19, 2017


Will there be a song as impactful as this song?

1: There will be a song that can beat the impact of this song
2: Frankly speaking, it's not easy to beat this hit song

It has been 10 years but I still haven't seen any songs that hit as big as this song did.

-? There's a possibility..

-It won't be that easy since people aren't attracted to idols as much as they were back then..

-#2.. We're talking about 'Tell Me' here, it's not an easy thing to beat that song..

-I don't think there will be any idol groups that can beat the impact of this song..

-If by 'beat' here you mean having the song known and liked by everyone in South Korea, then I think it's kind of impossible to happen..

-Don't you think Cheer Up's impact was similar to Tell Me's..? You literally could hear the song played everywhere in our country..

-Hmm.. First of all, the generation has changed so it won't be that easy..

-I personally think Gee had a bigger impact than Tell Me, though..?

-I don't think anyone can beat the level that 'Tell Me' has reached in its era.. Cheer Up was indeed a big hit but Tell Me was just in another level..

-#1.. I feel like there will be a song that can beat the impact of Tell Me in the future..

-I remember how popular Tell Me was in its era.. Everyone knew the song, it was like a syndrome..

-I was like 'Of Course!!' and then hesitated a little bit because it's 'Tell Me' that we're talking about here..

-Tell Me is a legend..