Sunday, November 19, 2017

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Tweet stating that Zhou Jieqiong didn't go to a night-club, but a Halloween Parade in Itaewon


-So it was taken during Halloween but they just posted it now?

-Who's that?

-First of all, I don't get why adults going to a night-club is a big deal that they have to get a lot of hate for it..

-Seems like the fans asked for some clarification to the girls who are in that selfie..

-One thing that I'm really curious, do female idols not go to night clubs? I'm just curious, I don't know what's the problem with female idols going to night-clubs..

-Yeah, seems like the picture was taken during the Halloween Parade but how did that fan know?

-So what if they go to night-clubs or not, it's none of your business..

-They're adults anyway, they're free to go to night-clubs..

-I'm sure that some of their fans must've been disappointed with the picture they took, but they shouldn't have closed their eyes and ears and not listen to any explanations behind it..

-It's normal for female idols to go to night-clubs and have relationships with men, they're human too..

-Hmm.. I have nothing to say since I'm not a Pristin's fan but I don't get it why their fans are disappointed and decide to leave the fandom just because of this..ㅋㅋㅋ

-There are a lot of male idols who go to night-clubs, after all..