Thursday, July 6, 2017

Which one do you prefer? Your bias getting married vs your bias leaving his group

1. Your bias getting married
Your bias has been dating a really good-looking goddess in secret for a few years.
And now he's announcing that he's going to get married by saying "I don't want to keep this as a secret anymore"
He will stay in his group and keep on doing promotions even after getting married.
Since that a lot of his pictures and his wife going on a date surface online.

최애 결혼 vs 최애 은퇴 | 인스티즈
2. Your bias leaving his group
He will not be doing any activities as celebrity anymore
He states that he's tired of this job and want to get some rest
He also deactivates all of his social medias
You can't even look for his whereabouts because he's going to sue anyone who secretly takes pictures of him
He also says that he has no thoughts or plans on doing activities as celebrity anymore

Which one will leave a deeper wound to the fans?

-#1 is absolutely better..

-#2 will leave a deeper wound to the fans..

-#2.. I'm tearing up just by imagining it..

-#2.. It just sounds so sad..

-#1.. Because it means that he has been fooling his fans all this time..

-#2.. I want to see my bias on TV for a really really long time..ㅠㅠ

-I'm fine with anything just as long as I can see him.. So #2 hurts more in my opinion..

-Obviously #2.. I'd prefer him to get married rather than disappearing forever..ㅠㅠ

-#2 is worse.. #1 is still understandable since everyone will get married at some point in their lives..

-#2.. I don't think I can even live my life properly if he did that..

-Isn't it #2..? I can get over him if he ever decides to get married..

-#2.. Because it means I can't see him no matter how much I miss him..

-#2.. I can't imagine not seeing my bias for the rest of my life..

-I'd prefer to hear news about my bias getting married..

-#2.. I don't even want to imagine it..

-#2.. I'm fine with my bias dating or getting married!

-#2.. My Jihoon.. I hope he will never do that..ㅠㅠ

-#2.. I can't imagine not seeing Jonghyun forever..ㅠㅠ