Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Kim Taeri, chosen as the female lead character for 'Mr. Sunshine' .. along with Lee Byunghun

-Ah.. They don't look good together..ㅠㅠ I mean, just look at their age gap..

-But why..

-They have 20 years old of age difference..

-I like her but please.. Not with Lee Byunghun..

-The actor for the male lead character is old but at least they casted a beautiful actress for the female lead character..ㅎㅎ

-What..?? Taeri unnie.. N.. No.. This is not right..

-Hul.. Just cast Kim Minhee instead of her..

-Lee Byunghun is a '70 liner while Kim Taeri is a '90 liner.. Are you kidding me?? They're just like daughter and father.. I hate this, I'm not going to watch it..

-I like the female lead character, though..

-Hul.. I thought they would find someone who's around Lee Byunghun's age..

-Excuse me.. They have 20 years old of age difference.. 

-Everyone expected Kim Minhee to get casted as the female lead character since Lee Byunghun plays the male lead character.. It's hard to believe that they casted Kim Taeri instead..

-What.. Kim Eunsook, this is a big disappointment for us..

-Nope.. This is just so wrong in many levels..

-Hmm.. I thought they would cast Son Yejin or Chun Woohee.. 

-It's such a shame but I hope they can showcase their acting skills really well..

-No.... I like the drama, I just don't like the male lead character..