Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Super Junior's Sungmin, won't be attending SM Town.. Due to fans boycott

-Good thing.. Now the only thing left for you to do is to be excluded from the 8th album..

-My dream comes true..

-Who will be happy to see him, anyway..

-I'm supporting this decision of yours.. I hope to not see your face on TV again..

-Congratulations, ELFs!!

-Oh yes~ It's a relief~

-I hope to see an article about him leaving SJ soon..

-It's really fascinating to know that he's still a member of Super Junior..

-Please don't ever get included in SJ's promotions anymore..

-What the.. He still hasn't left SJ??

-Whoa.. Seems like he was actually planning on doing activities with SJ? That's very amazing of him..  Please don't ever do any activities with SJ anymore..

-Think about the other members who get harmed because of what you did..

-You can just quit the group, Sungmin-ah..

-Leave the group..

-Good.. Don't even think about coming to the concert..