Saturday, July 8, 2017


The girl group member who started getting love calls from CF after being famous for weighing over 60kg

-Is weighing over 60kg that amazing..? I bet she has a lot of charms other than that, but people keep pushing her for her image as the girl group's member who weighs over 60kg.. She must be feeling really burdened..

-I weigh over 60kg too!!

-So beautiful.. She looks so healthy and that's what makes her look more beautiful!

-She's tall, it's not surprising that she weighs over 60kg..

-What.. She got famous for weighing over 60kg..? Our country is really weird..

-I'm 170cm tall and people still tell me that I have a beautiful body even though I weigh 60~70kg..

-So what if she weighs over 60kg..? People care so much about women's weight, but they never consider the height as well.. They would still call a woman fat if they're over 50kg, no matter how tall the woman is.. 

-It's not nice to see people mentioning about her weight over and over again..

-Her name is not 'Over 60kg'.. She has her own name..ㅠㅠ

-I heard she weighs 58kg now.. I hope she doesn't overwork herself..

-So what if she weighs over 60kg..

-What is so important about those numbers.. It's just numbers, y'all..

-It's normal for her to weigh over 60kg considering her height..