Saturday, July 8, 2017


I got really embarassed today at school..

I do that roleplay thingy..ㅋㅋㅋ and I have a lover there in my roleplay account. So anyway, my stomach hurt so much this morning so I left my phone on the table and hurriedly went to the restroom. 

When I came back to my class, my deskmate asked, 'Who is Yoon Oh?' (For your information, I roleplay as Yoon Oh) so I was like, 'What??' and he said he took a look at my phone because it rang and there was a message from someone called Park Chanyeol that went, 'Yoon Oh-ya, have you arrived at school?'. He also suspected me for catfishing someone else because of that.

Honestly, I'm already in senior high school right now and it's really embarassing to admit that I do that roleplay thingy so I just hummed something so that he couldn't understand a thing, he probably thinks I'm weird.. right? F*ck..


1. [+61][-3] To those who don't know, NCT's Jaehyun changed his name from Jung Jaehyun to Jung Yoon Oh. But since it sounds similar to U Know Yunho, SM decided to use Jaehyun as his stage name..

2. [+48][-45] The roleplay world has changed a lot these days.. It's nothing like how it used to be..

3. [+47][-0] Yoon!! Oh!! Ya!! Are!! You!! Feeling!! Better! Now??

4. [+23][-2] This is out of topic but, why do you do that roleplay thingy..?

5. [+21][-3] Once you enter the roleplay world, it's hard for you to exit..

6. [+20][-0] You're in high school and yet you're still doing roleplay?ㅋㅋ

7. [+18][-4] You sound like a loser..

8. [+20][-4] I hate people who roleplay.. They use their idols' faces to do sexual things, act gay, etc.. What a loser..