Friday, July 7, 2017

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The celebrity who would effortlessly win #1 if he had joined Produce 101

프로듀스 101에 나왔으면 가뿐하게 1등 했을 사람 | 인스티즈
프로듀스 101에 나왔으면 가뿐하게 1등 했을 사람 | 인스티즈

Yoo Jaesuk

-Well.. We don't know what will happen once Joonyoung edits all the recordings..

-Winning #1 wouldn't be enough for him. He would push Kwon Representative from her MC's role and leads the whole show by himself..

-I have a feeling he would eliminate the National Producer Representative and be the one who does the 'It's Showtime~' comment instead..ㅋㅋㅋ

-The oldest trainee in PD101, it's me, it's me~

-Honestly, I couldn't agree more..

-God-Suk, let's debut!!


-I have a feeling he would still rank 1st despite all the malicious editings he suffered from..

-Not only #1.. He would even push Boa from her role as the Representative..

-He's the center!!

-He probably would push Boa from the MC role.. I would appreciate it if he can even push Ahn Joonyoung from the PD position..

-Look at how he doesn't get overshadowed even in the middle of Exo..

-We don't know what will Ahn Joonyoung turn him into, but I agree..

-Realistically saying, he probably would be having a hard time following the choreography.. But it doesn't mean that he can't be the #1..

-He looks so cool in the last gif..

-Knowing Ahn Joonyoung, looks like he won't even hesitate to evil-edit Yoo Jaesuk's scenes..

-He would be my fixed pick..