Friday, July 7, 2017

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Tiffany's phone case which is more expensive than her phone itself

폰보다 비싼 티파니 폰케이스.JPG | 인스티즈

-As expected from my woman..

-Whoa.. It looks so pretty..

-It looks so pretty, but it's really expensive..

-Hul.. Namjoon used to use the similar phone case too..

-Move y'all.. She's mine..

-Whoa.. If I was her, I would've just used the money to buy another phone..

-I notice that she often uses that case.. Seems like it's not as heavy as it looks..

-The phone case looks prettier since the owner is a gorgeous lady~

-I looked up for that case since I saw Namjoon and Tiffany using it and it looked really beautiful.. I was so taken aback when I found out the priceㅠㅠ

-That looks similar with Junhyung's phone case!

-My phone, I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry that you met a bad owner like me, I can't even give you pretty case to wear..ㅠㅠ

-This is what people say with 'Belly button is bigger than the belly itself' (Korean proverb)

-Tiffany is young and rich.. and mine<3

-Whoa.. I feel sorry towards my phone.. All I ever do is to break its screen..

-I want to be her phone case.. Even if it's just for a day^^

-So pretty.. I mean, Tiffany, not the phone case..

-I'm so jealous of her, whoa.. She's living in another world..

-Oh my goodness..