Friday, July 7, 2017

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C9 Ent. drops teasers for their upcoming girl group

Group name: Good Day

방금 공개된 C9 신인 걸그룹 멤버 티저.jpg | 인스티즈
21 years old Genie

방금 공개된 C9 신인 걸그룹 멤버 티저.jpg | 인스티즈
19 years old Nayoon

-The editing looks so familiar..

-They look so pretty..

-I think the pictures for the teasers didn't come out really well.. I bet they're actually so much prettier!

-Both of them have the type of faces that suit to be actress more than idols.. They look beautiful!

-Nayoon somehow reminds me of Nicole!

-Whoa.. Both of them look like actresses..

-Whoa.. I didn't know they were going to debut a girl group..

-They give off Lovelyz's vibes in these teasers!

-Nayoon looks so familiar to me..

-The last girl reminds me of someone, but I just can't figure out the name..

-C9 what are you doing.. What's with that name..ㅠㅠ

-The group's name sounds like a song's title..

-That instagram frame filter is indeed really popular these days.. But I didn't expect C9 to use it as the official teasers for their girl group..

-Why did C9 hide their gem-like trainees for a long time.. Their visuals are amazing..

-Good Day, let's hit big!! I have a feeling the visual of this group will be no joke..

-Ugh.. I need to study hard so that I can get employed in C9 as the design team..

-Good Day..ㅎㅎ The name is a little bit.. you know, but so far, I like it!

-The girl in the second picture looks like Baby Soul..

-The girl in the first picture is so beautiful.. Shall I start stanning girl groups now?