Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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Kim Yoojung's sister, Kim Yeonjung, to star in a webdrama.. Along with Produce 101's Park Sungwoo

-Ah.. So it's true that she's currently filming for 'Crushes'..

-It will be really nice if she has a decent acting skills.. By the way, she looks so beautiful..

-Hul.. Chibal..

-Which one is Kim Yoojung and which one is Kim Yeonjung in that picture.. They look so similar, I can't tell them apart..

-Hul.. With Chibal!

-Hul.. 'Crushes'.. Hul.. Chibal..

-Hul.. She's filming for 'Crushes'...??? And with Chibal..????

-Hul.. I didn't know Yoojung's sister is an actress..

-Hul.. Uncle Chibal..

-Is this her debut..?

-The drama is going to explode with excellent visuals~~

-Hul.. I heard that Yoojung's older brother is currently preparing for his debut as an actor too..

-Hul.. 'Crushes'..? Is she going to be the lead character for Season 4?

-Is that Hyuna? The girl with cap in the picture..

-She looks like Joy..

-I'm so jealous of her,,,

-Hul.. Chibal Oppa!! Another reason for me to watch the drama!