Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The celebrity whose acting skill is often being questioned about but still constantly stars in dramas

'Brilliant Seduction' Nam Joohyuk, limited acting skills of a model-turned-actor? Destructing the whole atmosphere 'What a shame'

Surplus Princess (Lead character)
Who are you - School 2015 (Lead character)
Brilliant Seduction (Lead character's young self)
Cheese in The Trap (Lead character)
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Lead character)
Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo (Lead character)

and his latest drama which just started airing,
The Bride of The Water God
연기력 논란이 많은데 작품 꾸준히 들어오는 연예인 | 인스티즈

연기력 논란이 많은데 작품 꾸준히 들어오는 연예인 | 인스티즈
'The Bride of The Water God' Nam Joohyuk as The Water God, taking bad acting to another level? Getting harsh judgement from public from the first episode.

연기력 논란이 많은데 작품 꾸준히 들어오는 연예인 | 인스티즈
'[Netizen's Eyes] Nam Joohyuk's acting skills gain him the label 'The Male Version of Sung Yuri', how bad is it]

Nam Joohyuk (Model, talent) from YG

-Nam Joohyuk and Ahn Jaehyun are the top ones.. Kim Youngkwang is actually not that bad, it's just that he gets hate more than he deserves..

-I clicked this post while thinking of Nam Joohyuk..ㅋㅋ I got it right..

-It's not that bad until it distracts me from watching the drama, though..

-I think Nam Joohyuk suits the lifestyle..? drama, a role of an average man.. His acting is actually fine in ;Cheese in The Trap' and 'Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo'..

-I think his acting skills have improved a lot lately, it's just the scripts....

-He did well in 'Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo'..

-I've noticed this since he starred in 'Who Are You', his pronunciation is not good and he can't control his own expressions. That's why it was a little bit hard for me to get immersed into the drama..

-He suits lighter roles such as his role in 'Cheese in The Trap' or 'Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo'.. He still needs some time before taking heavier roles like his role in 'The Bride of The Water God'

-He did really well in 'Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo', but not this one..

-He really suits the role of cheerful college student or playful boyfriend..

-I really liked his role in 'Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo'! He looked very natural, he suited that role really well..

-His pronunciation bothers me a little bit..

-I think it just depends on the role that he plays.. He did well in his previous drama..

-I think he still needs some time before playing as the lead character..

-It's because his tone sounds really awkward..ㅠㅠ I really liked his role in 'Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bokjoo' though..

-He has a really bad pronunciation, I think it's because he has a short tongue..