Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Which part do you like the best from 'Super Hot'?

1. Don't look at o.ther.wol.ves!
I'm telling you, you'll just worn.your.self.out!

2. Ooh~ It doesn't feel real~
Ooh~ Are you my girl?~
From your front! to your back side! You're a total goddess~

3. Super Hot! She's super hot! Nananana yeah~
You're a megaton bomb that's hotter than the sun~

4. Girl, she's super hot~~~!

5. Get up get up then get down. Get up get up and party!

6. Etc

-But isn't number 3 the killing part?

-#6. Fashionista!!

-I can't choose.. There are so many good parts in this song..

-#1.. I like Im Youngmin's part the best!

-#3. Ssu-per-hot!!

-To be honest, no part can beat #1..

-Daehwi's 'fashionista'.. I can't stop thinking about it..

-'Megaton bomb'..

-#1.. I really hate the lyrics, it's so cringeworthy.. But the song is really addictingㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's not listed in the post, but I also like the 'Fashionista' part!

-Youngmin's part..ㅋㅋㅋ

-#1.. The lyrics are just so cute, I'm currently clenching my weak heart..

-#1 and #3..

-The killing part of this song is #1, but my favorite part of the song is #2..

-#1.. The lyrics are cringeworthy but Im Youngmin saved it..

-#2.. Samuel has a really nice voice..

-For me, it's #3.. And the 'Fashionista' part is seriously so cute..

-#1.. I don't like Im Youngmin but I can't stop listening to his part..