Sunday, June 25, 2017

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The picture that summarizes up the visuals in SM

Left: Exo's Suho
Right: Red Velvet's Irene

SM Idols are really good-looking.. Some of them even look like each other..


1. [+200][-4] 'My face is this small'

2. [+154][-3] They look the son and daughter from a noble family.. They totally look like a prince and a princess.. 

3. [+146][-5] Whoa.. Suho is so freaking pretty..

4. [+100][-52] The visual of the new generation..

5. [+85][-0] He still looks handsome even from a far distance..

6. [+64][-1] Kim Joonmyun, even plastic surgeons acknowledge his visual and name him as the idol with the best facial proportions..

7. [+56][-1] He really does have the type of face that SM really likes..

8. [+51][-0] He's indeed really handsome..

9. [+48][-0] The best..

10. [+44][-1] H.O.T - Kangta, DBSK - U Know Yunho, SJ - Siwon, Exo - Suho, NCT - Jaehyun. All of them have the type of face that SM really loves..