Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Black Pink Jennie's body

So beautiful..ㅜㅜㅜ
I heard she's 162cm tall, how much do you think she weighs?



-Around 45kg..?

-I think she's around 50kg..!

-I'm 100% sure she doesn't weigh more than 48kg..

-I'm 163cm tall and weigh 43kg.. And I don't even look like that.. I think she's around 38~40kg..?

-I think she's around 43~46kg.. But I heard she does flying yoga, that's probably why her body looks so firm!

-My body looks similar to hers.. I bet she's 47kg..

-I've seen her on person before and she's really slim, yet sturdyㅠㅠ Maybe around.. 45kg..?

-Around 45kg..? I bet she looks thinner in real life..

-Maybe.. 45kg..? I'm so jealous of her body..

-I'm also 162cm tall and weigh 43kg.. I look a little bit thinner than her..


-Hul.. I didn't know she was 162cm tall.. I've always thought she's around 167cm..

-Jennie is much smaller than I thought.. I thought she was tall..

-She has a really great body proportions..

-She looks slimmer than me.. I think she's around 40kg..