Monday, June 12, 2017

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The trainee who looks handsome when he's zoning out

Ong Sungwoo.
He doesn't have to try to be handsome because he's already handsome.
He's really funny, I always burst out laughing at everything he does and sometimes it just hits me..
'Ah.. F*ck.. He's handsome..'

I really want to live my life as Ong Sungwoo, even if its just for a day


1. [+137][-2] He's the type of person who becomes handsome when he's not using his face. He oftens use his face to make silly expressions, but he actually looks the most handsome when he has his poker face on.

2. [+122][-0] He looks the most handsome when he's nervous..ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+115][-0] If I could chose, I would've chosen to be born as Ong Sungwoo..

4. [+56][-1] He really loves to use his face to do this kind of thing..ㅠㅠ^^

5. [+54][-0] Whoa.. He's so freaking handsome.. He looks sexy even when all he does is just touching somebody else's hair..

6. [+48][-0] He looks the most handsome when he's nervous.. Every ranking announcement is his legendary moment..

7. [+36][-0] He has the face that I want to be born with if I could reborn as a man.. He's the epitome of handsomeness..

8. [+30][-0] He's the type of person who loves to ruin his own faceㅋㅋHe looks chic and cold when he's quiet, his expressions are so amazing when he's on stage..

9. [+29][-0] But still, he looks like an adorable big puppy when he smiles<3

10. [+18][-0] He's just.. really really handsome..