Monday, June 12, 2017

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Do you know what Yoon Jisung and Kang Daniel's company is like?

'It's that company that don't release any albums for Eric Nam until he had to make a presentation about it. In a TV show, he even said that he wants to sing again. It's that company that makes him do a rated show program. Eric finally had enough and spilled it on his SNS, all of reporters are on his side. It's that company'

Eric Nam's company =  B2M Ent.
Kang Daniel, Yoon Jisung = Previously from B2M Ent.
B2M recently merged with MMO Ent., they took all of MMO Ent's trainees and gave them one practice room in a basement for them to share.
There was a rumor saying that the practice room was located on CJE&M building basement, but it's all not true.
They don't have any intention to debut the trainees and make them become back dancers instead.

They don't have any power compared to Mnet and they can't support the trainees either.

You know that you have to vote and also promote them really hard right?
That way they can debut with the male version of IOI and get to do promotions for the next two years.
If not, we have to send them to military.

Usually, other companies have elementary/middle school students as the youngest trainees.
But in their company, Kang Daniel is the youngest one.
He may look like a baby, but he's actually 22 years old.
Their company is not taking any trainees in anymore..

You know what I'm talking about, right?


1. [+315][-1] An active company is not taking any trainees in anymore? What kind of bullshit is that.. Do they even have the intention to train the trainees?

2. [+290][-0] Please, I beg you.. Vote for them..

3. [+290][-1] I'm really surprised to know that Daniel is the youngest trainee in that company..

4. [+98][-0] No matter how popular they actually are, reporters never release any articles about them. Usually, companies have some connections with certain reporters. They would ask the reporters to keep releasing articles about their trainees. Even fans had to call their company to take care of the hate comments about the boys on internet, they wouldn't do that if the fans hadn't called them. I'm tearing up at the thoughts of them making it until this far by their own hard work, talents, and charms. It must be not easy for them, but they're always seen energetic and laughing a lot.. Those positive vibes they have affected the other trainees and make the whole atmosphere feel livelier. I don't want to lose them. Let's save them.

5. [+84][-0] Jisung's debut plans was cancelled for three times and he participated on Produce 101, thinking it will be the last chance for him. Please do me a favor, vote for them..

6. [+65][-0] Out of the remaining 20 trainees, 19 of them have experienced how it feels like to be in the top 11. There's no such thing as 'safe' and 'guarantee' here. None of them is safe. If you're really Daniel's fan, then please just focus on voting for him.

7. [+50][-1] I hope Daniel and Jisung's fan will get back to their right minds. They have to debut in order to get their names out there. Once they get their names out there, it's all up to them whether if they want to stay in their current company and debut with them, or leave the company.

8. [+47][-0] I've noticed this ever since the first evaluation. The other trainees had their own in-ears and they were the only ones who used earphones..

9. [+38][-0] Hul.. If they can't debut with the male version of IOI then it means they have to go back to their practice room in basement and go to the military in a few years..ㅋㅋㅋ 

10. [+28][-0] This is the last chance they have..