Sunday, June 11, 2017


Let's play an upvote/downvote game!!

Starting from me!!

You're just minding your business inside the toilet and then you hear your friends talking bad about you outside. 

Upvote if you would immediately get out from the toilet 
Downvote if you're going to wait for those girls to leave first


1. [+132][-9] Someone is spreading a false rumors about your friends. Upvote if you're going to tell her, downvote if you're not..

2. [+117][-39] Upvote if you have your own room, downvote if you're sharing a room with your siblings..

3. [+43][-50] Upvote if you have a dream, downvote if you don't

4. [+40][-19] Upvote if you have a very feminine hands, downvote if you have a large and manly hands

5. [+19][-6] Upvote if you want to be born as a woman in your next life, downvote if you want to be born as a man

6. [+19][-20] Upvote if you use contact lenses at school, downvote if you use glasses at school

7. [+7][-4] When you're having a smelly breath. Upvote if you would immediately find a chewing gum, downvote if you would just shut your mouth and not talk for the whole day

8. [+7][-22] Upvote if you like pretty men, downvote if you like tough-looking men

9. [+7][-36] Upvote if you like Kang Dongwon, downvote if you find him so-so

10. [+5][-13] Upvote if you're hungry now, downvote if you're not