Sunday, June 11, 2017

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Do you think Kang Daniel's rank is safe?

There's no guarantee that he can rank #1 again next week..
As you can see, the rank in this season is just too unpredictable..ㅠㅠ

There are a lot of people who think Daniel is safe since he ranks #1, but don't you remember when he dropped from #2 to #8?.. Please vote for Daniel.. We might not be able to see him again if he loses this chance.. MMO is not capable to debut any boy group right now..

I don't know when will we be able to see him again if he doesn't debut through this show..
And there's a possibility he might go back and be a back dancer again..

Please think again if you're going to vote for another trainee just because Daniel ranks #1 this week..
There's no guarantee that he's going to rank #1 again next week..


1. [+290][-0] I bet you wouldn't want to vote for another trainee if you know the reason why his company couldn't debut any groups right now..ㅠ Daniel has to get into the top 11, debut with the male version of IOI, and leave his current company..ㅠㅠ

2. [+255][-7] I'm going to make several accounts and use it to vote for Daniel..

3. [+244][-1] We're in this together, guys!! Please don't think that "Losing my vote won't affect him at all", every votes mean a lot to him!!

4. [+63][-0] "He's already confirmed to debut, anyway.. We don't need to work hard this time, he's 100% going to debut".. Those are the words that annoy me so much.. Didn't you see the last ranking announcement? There's no such thing as 'confirmed'.. It's the first time they're doing the one pick vote in this season, no one knows what will happenㅠㅠ His company doesn't have much strength to help him either.. So please vote for Daniel!

5. [+62][-0] His company is seriously so bad, so no one knows what will happen to him if he can't debut with OIOㅠㅠ The rank in this season is too dynamic, so the trainees in the top 11 could drop in any time.. Daniel has experienced it himself, he dropped from #2 to #8.. Please vote for him if you really like him..