Sunday, June 11, 2017

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Honestly, do you find Ha Sungwoon likeable?

I personally think he would do a great job if he gets into the top 11 and debut with male version of IOI


1. [+178][-7] I like him, especially the fact that he's really passionate about his dream.. It's really cool..

2. [+161][-5] Eventhough I'm a Daniel's fan, I have no reason to hate or dislike him.. Judging by skills and talents, he's really outstanding compared to other trainees.. Leaving the matter whether he debuts or not, I really like him and also No Taehyun..

3. [+83][-235] I don't dislike or hate him, but I don't think he suits to be in the male version of IOI

4. [+52][-3] I can't believe there are some people who think he doesn't suit to be in male version of IOI..ㅋㅋ I seriously can't understand it. Ha Sungwoon has it all, from the looks until the talents.. People like him have to debut.. He's in the charge of being the main vocal for the latest evaluation. Watch him slay and get into the top 11. Don't you ever dare to stan male version of IOI if he debuts with them..

5. [+45][-0] Why are you trying to bring him down.. I mean, he's an angel who still smiles eventhough people are trying to drag him down..

6. [+43][-5] I agree.. He has the talents, he gets along well with the other trainees, etc.. I like him so much, I voted for him!

7. [+39][-1] I love Sungwoon.. I couldn't vote for him because I needed to vote for my biases last week, but I'm planning to vote for him next week because my biases got eliminated and I got no one else to vote.. Skills, visuals, personality, he literally lacks nothing.. I don't see any reason for him to not debut with male version of IOI.. I really hope he can get into the top 11.. I bet my biases are hoping for the same thing, because they were really close with him.. Ha Sungwoon, let's debut!

8. [+33][-0] I gotta vote for Sungwoon..

9. [+32][-10] To those who think he doesn't suit to be in male version of IOI, I don't think your biases suit to be in that group either..ㅎㅎ 

10. [+28][-0] I like him so much.. He's not only talented, but also hard working and funny..