Friday, June 23, 2017

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The identity of the person who spread false rumors about Lee Daehwi

35843: [Exclusive] This time is Wanna One's Lee Daehwi.. Nude pictures surfacing online really fast

베티에 이대휘 루머 기사 올린 사람 정체.jpg | 인스티즈
ID: yi3403

베티에 이대휘 루머 기사 올린 사람 정체.jpg | 인스티즈
베티에 이대휘 루머 기사 올린 사람 정체.jpg | 인스티즈
Gallery ID: Baekoshyem

베티에 이대휘 루머 기사 올린 사람 정체.jpg | 인스티즈
The same ID is found in Kang Dongho's gallery

베티에 이대휘 루머 기사 올린 사람 정체.jpg | 인스티즈

Fans have given her warning and told her to delete her post, but she ignored them all.
But now that her ID is leaked, she hurriedly deleted all of her posts and disappeared now.

-Why are you messing around with Daehwi..

-You shouldn't live your life that way..

-Why are you doing this to Daehwi, though..?

-Where did the humanity go..ㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. I'm getting goosebumps;;

-Whoa.. Seriously, what do you think you're doing?

-Why does it have to be Daehwi.. This person is seriously so scary, whoa..

-Ah.. I'm so mad.. Why did she do that to a minor..?

-Whoa..ㅋㅋ Why did you do that to Daehwi..? I don't think you even deserve to be considered as human..

-What did Daehwi do wrong to you..? I literally went speechless..

-I will never forget this person.. No, I probably can't forget her and the mean things she did to Daehwi..

-What did Daehwi do wrong to her..

-I hope karma slaps you right in your face..

-She's so cruel..

-I'm getting goosebumps all over my body..

-Daehwi is only 17 years old.. Do you know that what you did to him is really cruel?