Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Nu'est Kang Dongho's reps, "Will be taking legal actions against the rumors"

They state that they will release another official statement later.

-Ah.. What the hell..

-What..? Does that mean it's just a rumor??ㅜㅜ What's the truth..

-Is this all..?

-Of course, it's important for them to take legal actions.. But they should at least explain further..

-Is this their official statement..??

-Is this all..? Pledis is always suck at giving feedbacks, it's not even their first time facing such things..

-What..? So what is the truth? Sighs.. Pledis..

-??? What are they trying to point out here? Did Kang Baekho really do it or not..?

-This makes the suspicion towards him grow bigger.. They took the wrong step..

-Such a mess.. Karma does exist, Pledis. That's why you need to handle this problem properly!

-Looks like they think we can just forget this problem and continue with our lives just because they're taking a legal action..

-They're releasing an official statement about taking legal actions instead of explaining the problems.. Ugh, seriously Pledis?

-This is the worst feedback ever..ㅠㅠ Even though I already know really well that Pledis sucks at giving feedbacks..

-This is not what we want.. Please explain what really happened!!

-I'm so stupid for trusting Pledis..ㅋㅋ They're so bad at giving feedbacks..

-I think they're denying the rumors by releasing this statement..

-Pledis.. You're making things go worse..