Thursday, June 22, 2017

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"No appearance fee".. Produce 101 Season 2 is basically Talent Donation 101

-The participants in the first season didn't get any appearance fee either.. They should be grateful that they can be trained by amazing trainers without having to pay at all..

-;Whoa.. I'm getting goosebumps..

-This is so ridiculous.. I'm sure Mnet earns a lot of money through this show, though..

-Hul.. Mnet treated all the participants really bad and they didn't give them any appearance fee at all..?

-...? That's very surprising..

-I'm very upset to hear this..ㅋㅋㅋ Just don't do this kind of show ever again..ㅋㅋㅋ

-They keep all the advertisements, PPL fee to theirselves and on top of that, they treated all of the participants really bad.. Mnet is really amazing!!

-What's the problem..? Mnet is the one who will be debuting them in the end, after all..

-Audition programs usually don't give the participants any appearance fees..

-Isn't that obivous..? It's an audition program..

-??? Hul.. It's my first time hearing about this.. This is so ridiculous..

-Well.. Considering all the trainings they get then.. I can understand it..

-Isn't that obvious? You have to calculate the dorm fees, the training class fees, etc.. too..

-I've heard about this before.. The trainees signed the contracts that state Mnet will not be giving any appearance fees at all..

-Talent Donation 101.. 

-This is ridiculous..