Thursday, June 22, 2017

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An interview with a 15-years-old girl who leaves malicious comments towards Joo Haknyeon

Kim Seoeun (fake name), a 15 years old middle school student, admits that it was her first time leaving such malicious comments which was addressed towards Joo Haknyeon. She reveals that she leaves mean comments such as 'He's untalented yet he's so greedy to be the center', 'That shows how low he is', 'Looks like the other trainees hate him as well', etc in every Joo Haknyeon related articles. 

'I don't have an ill feelings towards Joo Haknyeon. He just made the trainee whom I supported got eliminated. I bet he did that intentionally. As you can see in the show, Joo Haknyeon couldn't follow the choreography really well, that's why I chose (to hate) him. It's really easy to hate on trainees who did something wrong or got a bad impression on the show. I was scared to leave such mean comments at first, but now that I'm used to it, I feel nothing"

프로듀스101 주학년에게 악플 달은 15세 여학생 인터뷰 | 인스티즈

Kim Seoeun also admits that she has stopped leaving malicious comments towards Joo Haknyeon lately. The reason is because Joo Haknyeon's company, Cre.Ker Ent., states that they will be taking legal actions against the hate comments. In their official statement, Cre.Ker Ent. also mentioned the amount of comments who crossed the lines by making fun of Joo Haknyeon's parents. It was briefly said on broadcast that Joo Haknyeon's father passed away last year, and his mother is currently working in a farm they own in Jeju Island. 

"There are some comments who ask whether if he behaves like that because he grew up without a father. That's when it hit me really hard. I wonder what am I doing.. I feel sorry towards him. There are a lot of people who leaves comment like that on Joo Haknyeon related posts, I know I shouldn't bringing up that topic like that..'

프로듀스101 주학년에게 악플 달은 15세 여학생 인터뷰 | 인스티즈
When asked who's the trainee that Kim Seoeun supports so much to make her hate Joo Haknyeon, she replies, "He can get a lot of hate because of me, I know you (reporters) won't be responsible of that"

-Whoa..ㅋㅋㅋ I'm lost of words.. Her parents need to know what their daughter is doing on internet..

-You can hate him all you want, just please.. don't show it in front of his fans..

-So it's okay to hate on other trainees as long as your favorite trainee doesn't get any hate?~

-I think I've seen her twitter account before.. She's just a middle school student yet she's already that cruel..

-Is she crazy?? It's not something that she should be proud of.. Why would she do an interview..

-Are you kidding me?

-What in the world.. I hope karma slaps her right in her face.. She's so thoughtless..

-How could she be so brave about it..

-I hope her favorite trainee will never get to debut so that she can realize what she's doing is not right..

-I'm so surprised at how brave she is to talk about it.. She sounds like she's proud of what she did..

-I hope you will never get into any colleges once you grow up..

-This is so irritating.. It hurts my heart to see that picture of Joo Haknyeon smiling in the end of the article..

-I feel like exploding.. Kids like her need to get sued in order for them to get back into their right minds..

-I'm getting goosebumps all over my body.. What in the world..

-The epitome of selfish..

-I wonder why the reporter wrote this kind of article in the first place.. Why would you interview a hater?