Sunday, September 11, 2016

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Pictures of idols who look good with dark hair

 I originally liked idols with bright colored hair, but after seeing a gif of a male idol with dark hair, I changed my mind.. I didn't know that dark hair was that sexy.. So please give me pictures of both female and male idols with dark hair.. I don't have any favorite idols, specifically, I'm just uploading gif that I have in my phoneㅋㅋ Please share a lot of gif here:)

(Oh and I know the names of the guys in the first two gifs, but I don't know the one in the last gif.. I just saved it out from nowhere, I can't recognize him because I can't see his face properly in that gif..)


1. [+322][-109] The guy in the last gif is BTS' Jimin!! This is another gif from the same stage.. He looks so sexy here..  His dark hair was legendary, in my opinion..

2. [+292][-91] V with dark hairㅠㅠ

3. [+286][-139] The guy in the last gif is BTS' Jimin! I'm going to put a gif of brown sugar (the OP means 'dark sugar', though.. :/ ) here!

4. [+119][-39] Baekhyun 1

5. [+116][-26] The guy in the last gif is Jimin!

6. [+96][-21] Baekhyun 2

7. [+93][-20] His name is Jimin.. and this is my favorite gif of him.. My heart is fluttering just by looking at this gif..

8. [+86][-12] This day was the best day in my life..!

9. [+77][-20] Jimin..

10. [+68][-18] The guy in the last gif is BTS' Jimin!!