Monday, August 1, 2016

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Which one of these is considered as the most impactful girl group's point choreography?

1. Promise me

2. Omona~

3. Shy shy shy


-2. Omona~

-22222. It was a big hit back then..


-I can't choose!

-Sana is so pretty..

-2222222. Sohee's Omona<3

-2. Omonaㅠㅠ

-2>1>3.. I didn't experience the era of number 1 so I don't know how big was the impact back then,  but seeing how people still do that gestures now, it's really amazing.. Omona is.. so amazing, it was all over the whole nation..

-I think it depends on your generationㅋㅋ Shy Shy Shy is all over the whole nation these days..

-3 is still lacking compared to 2..

-2222. I remember I used to only sing this song during my primary school days..

-2.. Honestly, none of the current girl group can be compared to the popularity of 'Omona' back then..

-Hul.. Isn't it obviously number one.. I guess I've become so old.. 2 can't even be compared to number 1.. 

-I guess it's different, depends on your generation? For me it's 2..