Monday, August 1, 2016

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The rumoured members of Loen's new girlgroup

Jung Haeri (96) is planned to appear in Idol Master, Cube's ex-trainee

Janey (98) is currently a contestant in Unpretty Rapstar3, was a member of GP Basic and D-Unit

(The announcement of the audition, Kim Yoobin was mentioned here along with Jung Hayoung)
Kim Yoobin (99)
 Park Soyeon (99) appeared in Kpop Star2 and Produce 101


History's member (Kim Sihyung) and the female trainees in the back,

-Kim Yoobin?!?!?!???!?

-Kim Yoobin is so freaking pretty.. She looks even prettier in real life..

-Kim Yoobin is so pretty but the fact that she's a '99liner is kind of shocking..

-Isn't that Kim Yoobin a celebgram..?

-Hul.. I used to follow Kim Yoobin's Instagram.. I just found out that she's a trainee in Loen..

-So Janey is in Loen.. It's going to be her 3rd time to debut.. I hope she will rise this timeㅠㅠ

-Hul hul.. I'm looking forward to this..

-Hul.. Kim Yoobin.. I thought she was in FNC...

-I'm so jealous.. They're going to be IU's junior..

-Whoa.. I heard a lot of people saying that Kim Yoobin is pretty and now that I see it, she is really pretty.. 

-Hul.. Kim Yoobin is going to debut as a girl group member.. I thought she was going to debut as an actress.. Does she still have her Instagram? Does anyone know her username?

-Hul hul.. I hope things will turn out well for them..

-Hul.. There's a Loen trainee in my school but she's not in this list.. I guess she's not debuting yet..

-Oh? I heard Kim Yoobin is Yoo Yeunjung's bestfriend.. I'm so fascinated..
  -They go to the same school!
  -Yes, Yeri, Yoo Yeunjung and Kim Yoobin were classmates last year..

-What in the world.. She has such a mature look despite the fact that she's only a '99liner..