Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Netizens ask if GFriend designed their tracklist using Paint

-It's cute, though?

-It's neat and pretty..

-The tracklist looks cute but the picture above it is *coughs* so-so *coughs*

-I think they're trying to give off a feeling of vintage games?

-But it's prettyㅠㅠ

-Their logo looks like it was edited using Paint but the tracklist is fine! Exactly my style!

-It looks like Junior Naver in 2005..

-It's pretty and simple..

-It looks like a game CD..

-Hul.. It's really so-so..

-I think it's just their concept..?

-Source Music.. Look at this, you made it to instiz now.. Aren't you going to do your work properly??!!

-Source Music.. What are you doing..

-It looks so-so to me...

-But they're doing a better work than Pledis..


-The colors make it looks old-fashioned and countrified..

-Am I the only one who likes it? It's so cute..