Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I think my boyfriend is a homosexual..

The title sums it all up.. I have a complicated feelings right now, and it's not like I want to show it off by writing a post here.. Firstly, I'm 18 years old and he's 20 years old.. We work part-time together and it seems like he has some feelings to me, and I also feel the same way, so I confessed to him first. We haven't even dated for 200 days..

Anyway, I'm a high school student who's currently going through an exam period so I can't meet him often for a while.. But the exam period has over and I met him this afternoon. Just like what any other couples would do, we play around, hang out and because suddenly it rained, we stopped by his house (For your information, he lives with his older sister). We talked and played game and suddenly he asked if I wasn't hungry and if I wanted him to buy me something, but because I ate a lot of snacks when we were playing earlier, I rejected it and said that I'm not that hungry. But his expressions changed drastically, so I told him to just buy anything he wants. And he went outside. 

I played game on his computer but then I realized that it was his own computer, I was curious about what's in his computer so I logged out from the game, right at that time I saw a PC Version of his Kakaotalk. He always shows me everything but he never showed me his Kakaotalk, so I opened it using the same password he used to log into the game. 

I was really shocked, there was a contact named XXHyung.. No matter who looks at it, that person is a guy, but the first line that popped out was 'I love you~' I was really curious so I opened that chat, and it felt like my head was hit by a big hammer.. I went blank for a second because I don't know what should I do..

xxHyung: I'm on fire!!
OP's Boyfriend: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That emoticon is used when you're mad
xxHyung: I'm using it because I'm on fire!!
OP's Boyfriend: I can't do it todayㅠㅠ I can't even poop when I want to poop!!

xxHyung: Doesn't she like you?
OP's Boyfriend: ㅋㅋ I do't know~
xxHyung: Bad guy!!ㅠㅠ
OP's Boyfriend: I can't see anyone beside you
xxHyung: Pretty~ I really love you.. I miss you, we haven't met each other today..

OP's Boyfriend: She's cute.. But she doesn't listen to my words..
OP's Boyfriend: Anyway, I'll call you later
xxHyung: I got it, I love you~
OP's Boyfriend: I love you tooㅎㅎ

 xxHyung: Ah why~ You can't even go to our dateㅠㅠ?
OP's Boyfriend: I told you it hurts.. It's hard for me to walk..
xxHyung: Huk.. Then shall we just die tomorrow?
OP's Boyfriend: What are you talking aboutㅋㅋ I'm going to sleep
xxHyung: I love you~

OP's Boyfriend: I'm going to sleep~
xxHyung: Tell me that you love me
OP's Boyfriend: I'm tired
xxHyung: Do it now. Quickly!
OP's Boyfriend: I already said it earlier.. I said it a lot of times..

xxHyung: That's when we're doing 'it'ㅎㅎ
xxHyung: You don't love me when you're in your right mind?
OP's Boyfriend: Nope. I love you~ Have a nice dream
xxHyung: I can't sleep.. Contact me when you wake up..

 OP's Boyfriend: Whatㅋㅋ
xxHyung: How is it?
OP's Boyfriend: Why are you so turned on
xxHyung: I'm doing it while thinking of you, I miss you

xxHyung: What in the world.. Shall I go to your home now?
OP's Boyfriend: No.. I'm going to meet my friend..
xxHyung: Friend? Don't you dare to flirt with your friend..
OP's Boyfriend: What kind of flirtㅋㅋ It's a girl
xxHyung: Then fine.. Doesn't she like you?

Because I edited those photos, they're not in orderㅠㅠ 
Just judging from their chat, it seems like they have done 'it'.. I know I can't just label him a homosexual just because of this chat, and I don't think homosexual is a bad thing..
The thing that matters here is that he has a girlfriend, but how could he just say 'I love you' to another person that easily.. I'm tearing up now.. I don't know how to face him from now on, I don't even have the confidence to look at him. I'm thinking to talk about this to his sister, and now I'm writing this post.

And of course there will be some people who think that this is just a made-up story.. I wish it was.. I wish it was a joke.. I didn't write this post to point out all of his wrong-doings, I just need to share this with someone..I really don't know what to do now, especially since I opened his Kakaotalk without his permissions.. I think it's all my fault, I'm really pathetic.. Anyway, thanks for reading this long post and if I said something that offends any of you, I'm sorry.


1. [+193][-1] Isn't he dating you just to hide the fact that he's a homosexual?

2. [+162][-2] The OP must be really surprised.. Just looking at their chat I think it's true that he's a homosexual.. And I think it's right to break up with him.. You're wrong for looking through his things without his permissions but if you didn't, you will never know thisㅠ..I know it's hard for you to believe that but just break up with him.. 

3. [+136][-5] If you confessed to him first than it means he's forced to date you.. And I think it's better for you to take this post down before a lot of problems come up..

4. [+91][-7] If I was you I would be so mad because he's using me just to hide the fact that he's a homosexual, I would also tell him to come out from his closet..

5. [+46][-1] Isn't he talking about you in that chat..? If it's true then break up with him.