Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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The visual of Seo Kangjun's labelmate

Even Seo Kangjun acknowledges his visual..

-I can't help but always imagine how nice his skin is whenever I see him.. 

-I can see Shin Hyesung in him..

-Whoa.. He's really handsome..

-I knew it was going to be Eunwooㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-I'm not the only one who thinks he's handsome.. He looks a little bit similar to Seo Kangjun..

-He's like the mixture of our Jaehyun and Khun!

-I saw Astro's stage yesterday and I found them really interesting so I looked up for their videos and there's this guy named MJ? He looks similar to Seo Kangjun, especially when he smiles.. All of Astro's members are so freaking handsome!

-Dongmin-ah... I love you.. You're really cool..

-I clicked this because I saw Seo Kangjun, but he's really handsome as well..

-He's too handsome..

-I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this way, but he really looks like No Minwoo..

-Hul.. How could a person be that handsome..

-He's like the mixture of Sehun and Shin Hyesung.. Am I the only one who thinks so..?

-Everyone in Astro is handsome~

-Is he an Idol??

-Ah, so he's Seo Kangjun's labelmate!