Monday, June 13, 2016


4Minute officialy announces their disbandment after 7 years

 1. [+5863][-107] I'm kind of taken aback since they're not the group that you thought will ever disband.. If this is the result of their discussion then there's nothing that we can do about it, it's too bad.. So this must be the reason why Hyuna did all of the things her fans asked in their last fanmeeting..

2. [+4287][-89] Eh??? Is this for real...? It's surprising eventhough I'm not their fan..

3. [+2150][-94] No.. This can't be real..(Rejecting the truth

4. [+1701][-7] No way...

5. [+790][-21] I never thought that 4Minute would disband before T-Ara..

6. [+437][-21] It's so ambiguous for Kwon Sohyun.. She doesn't have the look to be an actress and the talents to go solo..

7. [+454][-29] They're not a group with no popularity, though..

8. [+351][-5] Whoa.. Everyone is disbanding one by one.. I sense any disbandment from Secret and After School soon..

9. [+350][-17] Cube is being too harsh on them.. Everyone suffered the same thing but they only hold on to Hyuna and throw the other members out..

10. [+259][-16] But indeed, they don't have any good songs after 'What's your name'