Friday, April 8, 2016

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What's with chaeyeon proportion?

Crazy.. This shocked me.

1. [+38][-6] It doesn't matter.. She's pretty.
2. [+37][-5] When I saw her on real life she's kind of chubby..? and not very slim. But she has the look, her body is also not too bad. Pretty!
3. [+32][-2] With that face..(It doesn't matter)

4. [+1][-1] Maybe it's because she was standing near Somi..

5. [+1][-1] There's Somi, and also Sejung wore shoes with heels..

6. [+0][-1] When was the photo taken? Did IOI girls go somewhere?

7. [+1][-1] Somi has good proportion, and she's also tall. Sejung wore shoes with heels. Chaeyeon is not too bad but she's being compared with Somi who has nice body.