Saturday, April 16, 2016

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Last messages sent by Sewol Victims

Onggi: There's no signal
Onggi: But the maritime police has already arrived 
Sender (Brother): The rescue team will come to rescue you quickly. 
Sender (Brother): Don't panic and get your senses back, just do as what they tell you to do.
Sender (Brother): You can just do what they tell you to do.
Sender (Brother): Contact me if you get any signal.

My lovely youngest son: Dad
My lovely youngest son: Dad
My lovely youngest son: Dad, I love you
My lovely youngest son: I love you.
Sender (Dad): Why the sudden love confess! Dad loves you too<3<3 The weather is so warm.. Go play around excitedly and send your mom a text as soon as you arrive.
Sender (Dad): Son
Sender (Dad): Call me
Sender (Dad): I love you, my son. Please come back alive..

Bro~ther: Sister, the ship is strange..
Sender (Sister): What are you talking about?
Bro~ther: There was a loud thump noise.
Bro~ther: Sister, I love you
Bro~ther: I'm sorry for treating you badly all these times..
Bro~ther: Please tell Mom too
Bro~ther: I love you
Sender (Sister): What do you mean?
Sender (Sister): Pick up my phone
Bro~ther: There's no signal
Bro~ther: I'm going to where our Dad is

Daughter: No, the ship is tilting so much, we can't even move. It will be more dangerous if we move around.
Sender (Dad): I know they are the trusted rescue team, but if possible, go outside.
Daughter: No, Dad. I can't even go anywhere right now because the hallway is full of people, and also because the ship is tilting.


-Remember 20140416

-I will remember it..

-'Just do as what they tell you to do' Why does this sentence hurt my heart so much.. The students did all the things they told them to do...