Saturday, April 16, 2016

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Sewol accident victims' empty rooms

2-1, Kim Minhee.

2-1, Park Sungbin

2-3, Yoo Yeeun

2-4, Bin Hayong

2-7, Kim Soobin

2-7, Jang Dongsu
Text message:
04.16, 7.38: Mom, I think I used the card way a lot yesterday. When I woke up, I got the notifications I spent 40,000W
04.16, 9.08: Mom the ship is tilting 45 degrees, I'm going to be alright, right?
04.16, 9.08: I'm going crazy
04.16 (from his mom): Son, are you alright?

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-These pictures look so warm.. It saddens me

-I'm crying.. I hope they are happy right where they are right now..

-I stopped at the message.. It's shocking me.