Monday, March 4, 2019

Would SNSD still be able to gain a huge fame if they debuted in this generation?

I personally think they still would be able to gain a f*cking huge fame..
They have great visuals, songs, and skills.. On top of that, they're from SM Ent..


1. [+372][-82] I personally think they would gain even bigger popularity if they debuted right now. We have social media right now, and so far I honestly have never seen any idol groups who do live performance, as well as SNSD does. Well we have groups like Mamamoo, who have easy choreographies and amazing live performances anyway.. But I have never seen any groups with fierce choreography that nails their live performance..

2. [+337][-45] The answer is very obvious, judging by how there's no idols that have characters like Taeyeon these days.. Taeyeon was very popular back then for her ability to command her fans. Well, anyway, I have never imagined there would come a day where I see this kind of post..

3. [+193][-123] I think they would gain some fame, but there are a lot of girl groups these days.. So I think they wouldn't be as popular as they actually are right now..

4. [+143][-22] I think if they had debuted in this generation, they would create a whole new history and records in the girl group history. They would attract both male and female fans equally. Taeyeon would be the one who attracts fanboys, while Tiffany would be the one who attracts fangirls. Jessica and Yoona, etc would have an equal amount of both fans. And on top of that, they have amazing vocal and dance lines. To be honest, Gee, Into The New World, and Kissing You don't sound old-fashioned even if you listen to them right now..

5. [+92][-14] I think they would gain a huge fame.. You would notice it if you stan the girls, the eight of them are very charming and they get along just like actual family.. First of all, we have Yoona as the center, Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany for the vocal, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung for the dance. Besides, they're really funny in variety shows and the most important thing.. There is no black hole in the group..